Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Well it's official I'm utterly rubbish at blogging! I think I've had this blog over a year now and only updated it half a dozen times...well all my school reports did say 'could do better'. The gap between posts is far too big now to update on everything that's past so I'm just going to concentrate on what's happening now...and hopefully do that more frequently!
Above is my most recent piece of work (unfinished as always with anything i do). She was meant to be wearing a motorcycle helmet but something about it says more 'army' to me then anything else...Might have a go and seeing what different colour palettes do to it before making up my mind.
That's it I'm afraid short and sweet, going to tidy up my desk, have a cup of tea (raspberry & white) and continue sketching for a bit and leave the colouring till tomorrow seeing as i have the whole day off work, instead of trying to cram it in tonight.
So with any luck another little update will be appearing here soon, but just in case don't hold your breath!

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