Wednesday, 18 November 2009


If you're interested in Lumiere why not check out some of the brilliant photos taken by some talented people over on Flickr...


So i live in Durham, a county in the north-east of England and recently it's played host to 'Lumiere' a light festival of sorts. There were loads of amazing pieces; a ghostly dress, a tongue in cheek building site, surreal giant moons and stars all over the rooftops, gramaphones and disco balls creating a magical feeling amongst the trees at the botanical gardens, fire, neon writing and loads of other amazing stuff. Beyond far and away my favourite things were the power plant section at the botanical gardens and the truely breath taking projections of the Lindisfarne gospels onto the cathedral which nearly blew my tiny little mind! Sadly i have very few photos (it rained on me) but i do have a few from my phone that aren' t the best quality that i'm going to share with you (til my proper ones are developed some of us still use actual film you know!).

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cold Feet at Quarter Past Two in the Morning...

It's quarter past two in the morning and my feet are cold.
Very cold. Just two little images uploaded the first a product of Tuesday! Otherwise known as ink day woop woop! And the second a product of pencil day spent at my mates house, on her birthday (different days of the week are asigned to different media until I decide what I like best). Looking at the various little doodles I've filled the week with, I definately need to practice drawing people more. Have yet to develop Fred and Bob might give it a go later today (after some sleep) which i believe is also pencil day again! Hard to believe last week I saw Muse play in Sheffield, feels like ages ago...maybe I'll dig out my absolution dvd for some inspiration.

Monday, 2 November 2009

The Week That Was

Had a bit of a busy week last week, took a trip to Sheffield to see Greenday play and visit a friend from university. Followed this with a trip to Birmingham (the most miserable place i've ever adventured to) with my little sister and another Greenday gig...some more stress, a new hamster (named Billy Joe), and Hallowe'en rounding things up nicely.
These are just some more small scribbles from last week, well ones that I don't completely hate (I have to admit that underneath the paint there are some totally detested ones I just couldn't live with). The top image is that game that you played as a small child where one person draws the head covers it up, the next the torso covers it up and so on. Me and my little sis were playing it to pass the time on the train back from Birmingham; Fred and Bob are my personal favourites although we created a lot more. Maybe I'll work them into more polished characters tomorrow.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Get Busy Living...

Firstly, happy birthday to me! What better way to start my birthday then by watching the Shawshank Redemption til after 3 in the morning after getting in from work? Which i accidently arrived 2 hours early for yesterday. So while killing time i produced this small doodle...managed to do some ink stuff yesterday too, but i'm not so keen on it, so gonna try working back into it later. Right, well then, i'm off to eat cake!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

All You Need is Love

Another small doodle, done in the same small shabby sketchbook...
I'd been out most of the afternoon with my little sister and the dog, walked into town and visited pets at home to eye up the hamsters and rats. Not that i have enough space to keep rats but they always seem such nice creatures...
Anyway got home and this was the first thing to fall out of my head....
I really need to get back to doing some longer sketches soon.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Like a Mouse Trying to Climb a Mountain

Okay this is only a small scribble I did with a black biro in a tiny (very badly made) sketchbook. I scribbled it sat downstairs in front of the tv with my family, I hate the fact that on an evening if my family spend any time together it tends to be in front of the telly. My little sis slumped on the sofa, my big sis eating takeaway, my mum dozing in the chair and the dog chewing rubbish... And me sitting down there because i feel i have to.
Things need to change, so this mouse is going to try and climb a mountain.