Thursday, 14 April 2011

London Sketches

So i went to London a couple of months ago now, and have finally found the time to upload some of the sketches that i made whilst there. The first two show my nail varnish (i had barry m's specail effects on) and a figure that i sketched from a photo in a magazine after having been to the Design Museum (see ticket and flyer below). It was the 'Drawing Fashion' exhibition that impressed me the most particually the hand drawn, inked and painted old covers of magazines such as Vogue, if only they still made them like that!
I also took the time to visit the Tate Modern, it wasn't the first time i'd been and had seen much of it's collection already.

I always favoured the surrealists when i was younger and a piece by Roberto Matta Echaurren was my favourite this time, once home i tried to create some of the textures of the paint with gouache. This is the first time i've used paint in a long time (usually sticking to pencils and ink) and it's encouraged me to use it more in my work.

And finally a small sketch of the delicious cupcakes we ate whilst there!

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