Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New Notebooks

Books, books, books...I have serious addiction to books! Thought I'd share these two little beauties that I picked up the other day from TK Maxx. I absolutely love that store for interesting little sketchbooks; I just now have too many to fill! Both have lined paper in them (not that that will stop me from doodling all over them). And both are smaller than A5 (perfect handbag size).

One of my other huge loves in life other than art and books is fashion. So I wanted to share my excitement for an exhibition of 200 of Vivienne Westwood's shoes that is going to the Bowes Museum in County Durham. It's going to be the only place in the UK that the exhibition is showing at before going on to Japan and America. The Bowes Museum is beautiful place and always has fantastic exhibitions on as well as it's own collections, and is well worth a visit should you be in the north east of England any time soon. As a child I always remember being amazed at the clockwork silver swan that magically appeared to eat the fish. It use to run on the hour every hour but to save it from wear and tear I believe it only runs twice a day now, so if you do visit be sure to time it with the swan's performance.

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