Monday, 6 June 2011

Brush and Ink

Okay so I haven't just been sitting around resting on my laurels since the last post, I've been busy inking up some of my sketches. It's a pretty painstaking process for me as I can't stand using pens so I have to use a brush and a pot of black ink.

First was my 'Alice in Wonderland' sketch, it got a little muddy round the face especially the eyes and I had to correct quite a bit of it with white opaque ink as a kind of tippex. All in all it didn't turn out too bad though it's still very much just an idea.

Again the white ink had to be used as a band aid on this sketch, but once it was photographed and uploaded it is pretty hard to spot so it isn't so bad. Just have to wonder how well other colours/types of ink will cover it. I would try colouring it on the computer but sadly all my free trials have expired, going to have to start saving some pennies I think!

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