Wednesday, 18 November 2009


So i live in Durham, a county in the north-east of England and recently it's played host to 'Lumiere' a light festival of sorts. There were loads of amazing pieces; a ghostly dress, a tongue in cheek building site, surreal giant moons and stars all over the rooftops, gramaphones and disco balls creating a magical feeling amongst the trees at the botanical gardens, fire, neon writing and loads of other amazing stuff. Beyond far and away my favourite things were the power plant section at the botanical gardens and the truely breath taking projections of the Lindisfarne gospels onto the cathedral which nearly blew my tiny little mind! Sadly i have very few photos (it rained on me) but i do have a few from my phone that aren' t the best quality that i'm going to share with you (til my proper ones are developed some of us still use actual film you know!).

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