Monday, 2 November 2009

The Week That Was

Had a bit of a busy week last week, took a trip to Sheffield to see Greenday play and visit a friend from university. Followed this with a trip to Birmingham (the most miserable place i've ever adventured to) with my little sister and another Greenday gig...some more stress, a new hamster (named Billy Joe), and Hallowe'en rounding things up nicely.
These are just some more small scribbles from last week, well ones that I don't completely hate (I have to admit that underneath the paint there are some totally detested ones I just couldn't live with). The top image is that game that you played as a small child where one person draws the head covers it up, the next the torso covers it up and so on. Me and my little sis were playing it to pass the time on the train back from Birmingham; Fred and Bob are my personal favourites although we created a lot more. Maybe I'll work them into more polished characters tomorrow.

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