Thursday, 7 January 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Okay, had quite a busy day today, got up late this morning and had to leg it to work, came home went into town, then to the library, then for fish and chips and now i'm currently curled up in my room next to the radiator in an attempt to defrost my toes. I bought this beautiful necklace in town and just had to share it (in the photographic sense only i'm afraid), it totally reminds me of 'Alice in Wonderland' it was just to whimsical too pass up.

And i suppose this could be classed as 'wonderland', this is my room, my little space where i do the vast majority of my drawing, painting etc. Just thought it might be of interest...
My good friend 'billy joe' keeps me company, he's a cute furry rodent that sadly was far to sleepy to be in this photo. Sandwiched in the middle is my trusty lightbox should i screw up (and i frequently do), with my cds and cd player on the other side, and a lamp (i love lamp!) for extra light. There's also a random assortment of junk, pencils, books and action figures sprinkled quite liberally over the area.

Finally, this is where my battered make do drawing board rests (currently with my much battered sketchbook) and where i sit is just in front of it, which is where i'm off to now. I still have a portrait and life drawing to do today and zero excuses not to do it, now that i offically have two 'snow days' friday and saturday this space!


    i'm actually thinking of re-doing my book - to a much higher standard than before.

    and it's nice to see that the room may have changed, but the mess never does hehe xx

  2. sadly it was the only one :D i heart la beado but i always leave that shop skint!
    i want to redo my accordian book from last year, but there are a million things already on my todo list.
    you could always do some of the poems you didn't get to first time round, and if i get any good i'll be able to bind it for you!
    mess? what mess? i'll have you know that's 'neat'.