Friday, 15 January 2010

A Moment on the Lips...

...a lifetime on the hips, isn't that what they say?

For xmas i got a chocolate making set, and this is my first attempts at one of the recipes; chocolate truffles. I'm planning on doing a different recipe every week, it's quite challenging as the extent of my cooking abilities is cheese and toast thanks to my days as a student. Seeing as all the recipes involve chocolate in some form i can see it being very rewarding! The only downside is sitting down drawing all the time and eating lots of chocolate aren't a good combo, and being more active is supposed to boost your concentration isn't it? Which would benefit my drawings, no? So i need to find some activity i actually like doing, besides walking the dog or having the dog take me for a walk.

I had a go at drawing my daily portrait earlier but it went i attempted to save it with some coloured pencils, so it's not exactly a portrait in the traditional sense, but thankfully it's not a total disaster either. It needs working into a bit further, fill more of the white space, might try some other mediums in there...shake it up a bit...

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