Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Happy New Year?

Well...happy new year!

Or at least that's what i'm hoping for, because honestly the last one was ridiculously awful not that it was all bad, things can always be worse don't get me wrong i'm not being an ungrateful moron or anything... but in short, yeah i'm hoping for a better year this time round. So i've made a few small resolutions to help me get the ball rolling...

one is to draw at least one portrait and one life drawing per day,

the other is to teach myself book binding (which will hopefully come in handy)

and the last is to have my portfolio completed by the end of the year (not so much a resolution but a target).

Oh and i should probably take better care of this blog too!

I feel more content when i'm doing something that's both productive and creative, so these resolutions should make me feel happier i guess, unless i get frustrated with my inability to draw which does happen occasionally, blank pages can be so daunting.

I'm also starting up weekly projects, the first and crucially this weeks, is fred and bob (from a previous post) i never did get them finished so i'm gonna be doing that for the rest of the week...and yes building a snowman does count as doing something creative!

So...have a great 2010!

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